Friday, November 20, 2009

uncle seth

hey everybody! it's uncle seth!
a couple weekends ago, uncle seth dropped by for a visit. since he's hardly ever at grammie and grampy's house, this is usually the best way to spend time with him.

we had some coffee and then watched out the window for any trucks that might rumble by...

one thing about this kid is that she's always ready to take the party to the next level. great for now, but when she hits her teens we'll have to talk. especially if it still involves pulling up her shirt.

"belly button."

she got so excited to show off her collection of balls

...that she happened to get herself trapped.


mommy got right in there to extricate

...and like the professional she is, beatrix never let go of the ball.

here she is teaching uncle seth how to read.

here she is giving up.

she's a bit of a control freak. turning the pages is her job, and from way over there she can be sure of it.

she sure loves her uncle seth!

this is a picture of our butts. thanks mommy!

we watched for some trucks and cars to go by

and then i practiced my sleeper hold. thanks for the visit, uncle seth! see you next time!

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