Monday, November 30, 2009

on the front porch

not too long ago, beatrix noticed the cool, colorful leaves on this tree across the street from us.

when she snuck outside to get a closer look, i shut the door behind her.*

hey, bebe...

"what's up? oh, very funny, daddy."

"ha ha ha. now let me in."


i wasn't about to let her in. kids need to be taught a lesson. i sent mommy over to taunt her from our side of the glass.

"knock, knock! oh, mommy! thank goodness! let me in, will you?"

"et tu, mommy? i can't believe this."

"even my choobs are in shock."

"whelp, at least you'll still talk to me through the glass..."

"what? where are you going?"

"alright, this isn't funny anymore! you guys can let me in now!"

"guys? c'mon, you guys! i can see you moving around in there! hello?"

*don't get hysterical. no choobs were harmed in the making of this post. it's all smoke and mirrors, folks. now move along. nothing to see here...

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